Golden Harvest – “I Need Your Love”

Another New Zealand band in the Seventies I remember was a young outfit called Golden Harvest with their single “I Need Your Love”.

I don’t recall whether they had any other successes, but this one sticks in my mind.

In any case the chorus is definitely catchy and I found myself singing it this evening, having located the video a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d just put it up today.

I also have no idea whether the track ever got any airplay outside New Zealand, so this may be completely new to you.

For some reason the name Golden Harvest makes me think of a commercial fishing boat down the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island. I’m pretty sure it was a boat that I saw down there once.

In this video of Golden Harvest playing “I Need Your Love” on New Zealand TV show Ready To Roll (of which I also have fond memories, as with Radio With Pictures, that used to come on at about 11 o’clock at night) you can see a bit of fancy guitar work – the guy plays it with his teeth…

Bon appetit.


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  1. Snakie says:

    they rock and the dude on the lead can play, check out “all along the watchtower” on the same album

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