Announcement: My Seventies Music – Welcome!

Welcome to My Seventies Music – an ongoing and random selection of videos of great rock music from the 1970s – “My Seventies Music” – together with any commentary, reviews, associated information and anything else that seems relevant at the time.

Or not…

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, just for the fun of it, let’s begin with the letter “A” for “America”, and one of their big hits, “Don’t Cross The River”.

I saw America live in the mid to late Seventies (don’t remember exactly when…) in Wellington, New Zealand.

I do remember them saying the towels at the hotel were so fluffy they could hardly fit them in their suitcases. 🙂

Incidentally, while this blog is dedicated to music of the Seventies, occasionally you’ll see and hear live versions recorded in later years, and sometimes I’ll refer to bands or soloists I actually saw after the Seventies, but those were the years when they first made their name.

I actually did manage to see quite a number of acts in the Seventies themselves, as a student in New Zealand, and also a few while travelling around the UK and Europe in 1977/78 and again in 1978/79 (long summer vacation in New Zealand, winter in Europe).

From 1980 onwards the concerts I went to were almost all in Germany, where I lived until 2004, when I moved to Scotland.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy “Don’t Cross The River” from “America” as much as I do!

Thanks for dropping by,


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