Les Humphries Singers – “Mexico” (“The Battle of New Orleans”)

Tweet The Les Humphries Singers were better known in Europe than the USA, but the one song of theirs that sticks in my mind is their 1972 hit “Mexico”. It is actually an adaptation of the song “The Battle of New Orleans”, written by musician and school teacher Jimmy Driftwood (James Corbitt Morris) in 1936 […]

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Carlos Santana – “Samba Pa Ti”

I could listen to Carlos Santana playing “Samba Pa Ti” for hours, and yet for years I didn’t even know what the song was called – I just knew that I loved it!

Actually I could listen to anyone playing it, as long as they played it well.

My main Seventies memory associated with this song, off the 1970 Santana album “Abraxas”, is the Awapuni Tavern in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

We used to go to all kinds of student functions there, but also just to hear whoever was playing. It was quite a way out of town, so you had to make an effort to go there.

Usually it was worth it…

So here it is, “Samba Pa Ti” by Santana, the original:

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