Announcement: My Seventies Music – Welcome!

Welcome to My Seventies Music – an ongoing and random selection of videos of great rock music from the 1970s – “My Seventies Music” – together with any commentary, reviews, associated information and anything else that seems relevant at the time.

Or not…

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, just for the fun of it, let’s begin with the letter “A” for “America”, and one of their big hits, “Don’t Cross The River”.

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Lou Reed – “Take A Walk On The Wild Side”, “Vicious”, “Sweet Jane” And “Berlin”

Tweet Lou Reed (of the Velvet Underground) was and still is a bit different, and “Take A Walk On The Wild Side” is no exception. Kinda weird, but sticks in your mind…. doop, de doop, de doop, de doop de doop, doop, de doop, de doop, de doop de doop, doooooop… :-). He did come […]

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